Dr. K.P.Anbalagan

Member of Legislative Assembly
Former Higher Education Minister
Government of Tamilnadu

From being a son of an ordinary Farmer’s family, I have seen people suffering for a basic medical care. As a Member of Legislative Assembly for almost 20 years I always tried to bring up liftment in basic healthcare system in and around Dharmapuri district.

I was deeply distressed and concerned when I witnessed too many people losing their lives due to a lack of timely healthcare access. I consistently felt the need for a proper facility that could provide adequate treatment when it’s most crucial. I had a vision of grooming my beloved son, Dr. K.A. Chandramohan, to become a renowned Cardiologist. He has always been enthusiastic and eager to serve the people.

With this intend, we started this initiative as a 10- bedded hospital at Karimangalam, Dharmapuri district. With people support and God’s blessings ANBU HOSPITAL, an advanced Cardiac Centre was established at Dharmapuri to provide adequate timely patient care. This will be the 1st Dedicated Cardiac Cath Lab in a private hospital in Dharmapuri with facilities to do Coronary angiogram and angioplasty.

“With this intent, we initiated this initiative as a 10-bed hospital in Karimangalam, Dharmapuri district. With the support of the community and the blessings of God, ANBU HOSPITAL, an advanced Cardiac Centre, was established in Dharmapuri to provide timely and adequate patient care. This marks the 1st Dedicated Cardiac Cath Lab in a private hospital in Dharmapuri, equipped with facilities for performing Coronary angiograms and angioplasties.”

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