Dr. K.A. Chandramohan

MBBS., MD, DM (Cardiology) Cardiologist

Dr. K.A. Chandramohan is a compassionate and dedicated cardiologist who is committed to providing the highest quality of care to his patients. He completed his Post Graduation in Internal Medicine from Rajah Muthiah Medical College & Hospital, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, and earned his Doctorate of Medicine in Cardiology from SRM Institute of Medical Science & Research Center, Chennai. He has worked as a Consultant Cardiologist at the world-renowned Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences in Bangalore.

Dr. K.A. Chandramohan is adept at diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases and conditions related to the heart, including hypertension, coronary artery disease (heart attacks), heart failure, arrhythmias (heart rhythm abnormalities), valvular heart diseases, peripheral vascular disease, and congenital heart diseases.

Dr. Chandramohan’s patient-centric approach ensures that every patient is heard and reassured. His ability to explain complex medical concepts in a clear and empathetic manner helps patients make well-informed decisions on lifestyle modifications, medical treatments, and interventional procedures when needed.

Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Chandramohan is known for his strong commitment to patient advocacy and community health. He actively participates in outreach programs and educational initiatives, aiming to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases and preventive measures. His unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassionate care make him an exceptional cardiologist. Patients can trust that they are in capable hands when seeking his consultation, knowing that he will go above and beyond to ensure their well-being, because – ‘Every Heart Matters’.
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